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I’ll love you forever…

I looked up to You; I loved You; I hugged You and kissed You

You loved Me, You cared for Me the best You knew

You hugged Me, You cuddled Me, You called Me Your own

So much of life You fought to forget, You fought to not see, to not be

With all the times You had My back, patched up My mess, You were the best

The best You there ever could be; the best We, We ever would see

It came and it went, just like Your life is now spent

I’ll love You forever, and ever You see

No matter how far your spirit has wandered

Or how much My eye can not see

Your tortured soul endured so much, was so brave

Even in the face of alzheimers You just wouldn’t cave

You just wouldn’t… yet stay strong, I just couldn’t

I wished You were set free, long ago

I wished Your time here did not pass so excruciatingly slow

And now I admit that I’m glad You are gone

Gone from the confusion, the aches and the pains

Gone from the lonely ghost of a man You became

Grandpa, Father, Husband, Brother You were

With times of our joys slowly becoming a blur

I’ll love You forever, and ever You see

That old You and Me, We can no longer be

I’ll love You forever



This work in progress is dedicated to a loving man, that is not the same as “John” from the prior posts… and may change over time as I review it, and cleanse the soul with tears streaming through it… any gentle feedback on this prose would be welcomed. Just be gentle with me please 😉

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Brains… Brains…

Well those fiesty little squirrels are at it again! Reminding me that I’m not quite small enough, flexible enough, or just plain fearless enough to run up and down those trees, leaping from one to the other, almost dancing rhythmically with one another. Jumping, leaping, dancing, taunting!

I am not a squirrel, I will never be a squirrel… but I might be a zombie! With all the crazy views on spirituality, the afterlife etc, who know, maybe one day I really will be a zombie! For now I can simply relate to that braindead feeling once in awhile, and share my amusement at how the first thing I noticed about this ID chart was the word “WALKER” in the middle of it… Hey that’s me! Wednesday Walker! Wait a second… hahaha, maybe there was some other reason I picked this nom… hmmmm….

Do you ever think you might fit somewhere on this ID chart? What do you do to reignite your brain and bring a sense of life back? As for me… well, I’m goin for a walk. Catch you later!

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