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26 Jan

“Let’s listen more and drug people less” Here, here!!!
Learned a few things today and thought I’d learn one more – what does “Reblog” actually do?… If you want the full scoop check out

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UK Guardian Monday 31 August 2009

Diagnoses are psychiatry’s star signs. Let’s listen more and drug people less

The biological approach to treating mental illness has been a lamentable failure. We must focus on a patient as a person

Richard Bentall Surveying the history of psychiatry, the medical historian Edward Shorter remarked: “If there is one central intellectual reality at the end of the 20th century, it is that the biological approach to psychiatry – treating mental illness as a genetically influenced disorder of the brain chemistry – has been a smashing success.”

Far from being a success, there is compelling evidence that the biological approach has been a lamentable failure. Whereas last century saw dramatic improvements in the survival rates of patients suffering from heart diseases and cancer, so far as we can tell, outcomes for patients suffering from the severest forms of psychiatric disorder – the psychoses (disorders in which…

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