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Hello world!

Welcome to my exploratory study. After you read this, please explore the comments or write your own post. That’d be why I’m officially here – needed an account of my own to comment on a new blog find I enjoyed… and since the world of online presence people kept saying “First, get a blog!”…. Finally able to check that one off! We shall see how this is superior in all ways to anything internet, haha! ( – warning – those experiencing a sense of humour deficit may not enjoy this blog)

And yes, I know, a site that is my own and lacking the “.wordpress” in the url would rank higher on google search, and backlinks are great, tags seem cool – okay I might actually play with those ones… I think it’s important to explore your purpose of creating any nook or cranny of your own on the web before you do it… is my purpose to get the top google search ranking? Not today! Today’s purpose, which is subject to change at any point without notice, is exploration! Exploring what is just so amazing about having a blog – the precursor to the facebook wall, without the built in “friends list” audience it seems – and exploring public journaling.

What brings you to wordpress world these days?

Might try reading the Daily Post now…. apparently it has something of interest…

Have you found something of interest on the web lately?

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